Digital Vision Board: Canadian Vacation Edition

This past week I have been thinking a lot about travelling and going to different places around Canada. I compiled some photos that are of different spots in Ontario and other provinces that I would love to have the chance to go visit. 

After researching and doing all the thinking about travelling in Canada it actually fell into my lap a trip soon! Be ready for a vacation post soon! 

Sephora Haul

Last weekend I placed a quick order on Sephora to finally purchase some items that have been sitting in my shopping cart. Now here were a few items I had to leave behind and promise to get soon (when I have a reason to get more skincare and makeup).

I purchased the Makeup eraser and First Aid Beauty - Facial Radiance Overnight mask.  Both have been sitting in my basket for the last few months and after reading a review on how the makeup eraser has changed the way you take your makeup off I had to put it to the test! 

The rest of the products shown in the above photo are samples I received on my online order; Clarins Shaping Face Lift (contouring serum)Radical Skincare (Age Defy Exfoliating Pads) and Needles No More (3-D Filler Mask).

First Impression: Makeup Eraser

This is the cutest packaging for a makeup remover! It looks like a giant eraser and I love when products come in a black option but I bet the original pink option would be extra cute with this packaging! Essentially this cloth replaces using cleansing oils and products made to remove makeup. This product not only claims to remove your makeup with just water but it also says it will last up to 1000 washes!

I am beyond excited to test out the Facial radiance overnight mask, I love all the First Aid Beauty products  I own and I bet this mask will be no different!

Interested in a review for theses products and samples? Comment below and let me know if you have tried these and how you feel about the products! 


My Lipstick Collection

I'd like to say that when thinking about what my favourite makeup item is I would hands down respond with black eyeliner. If you were to take a look into my makeup collection you would probably change your answer and guess lipsticks by the amount I have. 

Here is a quick run through of my lip product collection including some swatches,  reviews and my overall favourites!


MAC Cosmetics
I have a good amount of Mac Lipsticks. I enjoy the smell of them and the fact that after returning 6 empty product containers gets you a free lipstick I am totally hooked. 

Lipsticks in order of the swatches on my forearm (closest to my wrist first);

  • Creme cup
  • Faux
  • Viva Glam 1
  • Viva Glam 3
  • Media
  • Cyber

My personal favourites from this selection of lipsticks would have to be Faux and Media. They are the perfect two lipsticks to bring on a trip or a night out if you aren't sure if you want a dark or neutral lip. 


Drugstore & Sephora Lipsticks

When swatching these lipsticks right after my MAC ones I found that these went on with a smoother swatch (keeping in mind that the majority of my MAC lipsticks are matte).

In order of swatches on my forearm (from closest to my wrist first);

  • Maybelline Hot Plum 900
  • Sephora Rouge  Ingenuous
  • Rimmel Kate #30
  • Rimmel Kate #104
  • Revlon Colorburst  Red velvet 040

 Once these were swatched I decided that I will no longer be keeping the Revlon colorburst lipstick. It looks patchy and old compared to the rest (plus I barely use it!). I don't think I have used the Maybelline lipstick either but I will keep it and try to attempt to use it more!

Out of these lipsticks I am addicted to using the two Rimmel ones and my Sephora lipstick.


I only have 3 lipliners and I am totally okay with that.  List of liners from left to right (on hand swatch);

  • essence 07 Cute Pink
  • MAC Boldly Bare
  • NYX 01 Natural

I only ever use my MAC liner so definitely going to think about getting rid of the other two. 

Lip Crayons 

I enjoy using lip crayons just as much as sticks. The amount of pigment these give off is insane! 

Swatched on wrist (in order from left to right);

  • ColorPop Bichette matte
  • Nars Velvet Matte Pencil Cruella
  • Clinique Black Honey
  • ColorPop Lumiere Matte
  • Nars Satin Lip Pencil Rikugien
  • ELF Matte Lip Color Natural

After applying the swatches I realized the Clinique Black Honey is more of a lipgloss than a pigmented crayon. I am ready to get rid of the ELF pencil as well as the Clinique.  My favourites would hands down be Colorpop Lumiere and Nars Cruella. 


I am not a huge lipgloss fan but these have a great amount of colour in them that not only can stand alone but has a great staying power. 

In order from swatches on my wrist (left to right):

  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream SMLC10 Monte Carlo
  • MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass Driven By Love
  • MAC Lipglass Viva Glam 1
  • Revlon Ultra HD Matte LipColor  Seduction
  • not swatched Sexy Motherpucker lip plumper (clear)


Lip Balms

To finish off my collection I have 3 EOS lip balms and one Fresh Sugar spf lipbalm. I do not really enjoy using the EOS ones but I will use them up since I have them. I do not think I will repurchase them again. I like the Fresh one for the summer when I am out in the sun all day but the taste of it is not pleasant. I have a balm in my car that I use daily that is from Sephora  (featured in my November Favourites) Smiths Minted Rose.

Let me know what your favourite lip products are! I do love a good recommendation! 


How to Make Homemade Cookies; The Cheater Way

For Christmas I received this adorable jar of cookie mix from a student. I totally forgot about the jar and the other day when I found it I knew I had to make them right then and there! 

This recipe is fool proof! You basically just mix together butter, an egg and vanilla then add the jar and mix it!

The cookies turned out to be absolutely delicious! The batch made me 19 cookies and after having a few to myself and packing a couple away for my boyfriend by the end of the day all of the cookies were eaten by family and friends. 

This was not only a fool proof way to make homemade cookies but it also was an adorable gift to give/receive! 


January Recap

January has been a month of pure growth. I feel like I am becoming a better person since the beginning of this month. I am finding what I truly love to do and I am putting myself and my blog out there. 

This post is just a quick recap of all the posts I have made this month. I hope you enjoy this wide range of posts. Looking back on it I am proud of all I have posted this month.  Let me know what your favourite post was from this month and what you want to see more of!