My Skin Care Routine



I know I have been ranting and raving lately about how much I love the skincare products I use but I honestly have made a complete 180 in my routine and look to my skin. 

Flash back to winter 2015 I was never washing my face at the end of the night, barely applying face moisturiser or eye creams & only applying skincare products during my shower ( face scrub was my homegirl). 



Morning Routine

Rinse off my facemask; At night I usually apply an overnight facemask so when I wake up I get in the shower and rinse off the leftover mask sitting on my skin.

Cleanser; I use my First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser to wash my face, neck, shoulders and chest. I have pretty sensitive skin so this works a lot better than just regular body soap!

Facial Vitamins; After my shower I spray my First Aid Beauty Vitamin Mist on my skin to add back the moisture and give some TLC to my face!

 Moisturiser; I then apply my First Aid Beauty Moisturiser to my face and neck in preparation for makeup. 

Night Routine

Makeup Eraser; after brushing my teeth and getting my pj's on I like to remove my makeup using my Makeup Eraser.

Lip Scrub; with the winter months still upon us I like to scrub my lips everynight before bed. I use this lip scrub that was in a beauty bag. It does the trick and has a pleasant scent.

Facial Pads; I like to wipe down my face and neck with these First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads every night. I see a great improvement in my skin after using these and I love the results on my acne spots and scars. 

Lip & Eye Creams; I like to apply some eye cream, lip treatment & skin firming mask to my face and neck. I feel like this is a bonus step that I don't really feel is necessary but it will help prevent fine lines and wrinkles in my future.

Overnight Mask; finally the last step to my routine is apply my overnight treatment (which I did a whole post about!). This First Aid Beauty Overnight Mask is heaven sent and I am addicted to applying it to my skin every night! 

This seems like a lot to do for your skincare but I honestly feel that my skin looks a lot better since I have been taking care of it! It only take a few minutes before bed and it helps to relax and calm me down after a long day! 

I would love to hear about your skincare routine and the products you are loving! 



February Recap

Sephora Haul

Last weekend I placed a quick order on Sephora to finally purchase some items that have been sitting in my shopping cart. Now here were a few items I had to leave behind and promise to get soon (when I have a reason to get more skincare and makeup).

I purchased the Makeup eraser and First Aid Beauty - Facial Radiance Overnight mask.  Both have been sitting in my basket for the last few months and after reading a review on how the makeup eraser has changed the way you take your makeup off I had to put it to the test! 

The rest of the products shown in the above photo are samples I received on my online order; Clarins Shaping Face Lift (contouring serum)Radical Skincare (Age Defy Exfoliating Pads) and Needles No More (3-D Filler Mask).

First Impression: Makeup Eraser

This is the cutest packaging for a makeup remover! It looks like a giant eraser and I love when products come in a black option but I bet the original pink option would be extra cute with this packaging! Essentially this cloth replaces using cleansing oils and products made to remove makeup. This product not only claims to remove your makeup with just water but it also says it will last up to 1000 washes!

I am beyond excited to test out the Facial radiance overnight mask, I love all the First Aid Beauty products  I own and I bet this mask will be no different!

Interested in a review for theses products and samples? Comment below and let me know if you have tried these and how you feel about the products!