My Skin Care Routine



I know I have been ranting and raving lately about how much I love the skincare products I use but I honestly have made a complete 180 in my routine and look to my skin. 

Flash back to winter 2015 I was never washing my face at the end of the night, barely applying face moisturiser or eye creams & only applying skincare products during my shower ( face scrub was my homegirl). 



Morning Routine

Rinse off my facemask; At night I usually apply an overnight facemask so when I wake up I get in the shower and rinse off the leftover mask sitting on my skin.

Cleanser; I use my First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser to wash my face, neck, shoulders and chest. I have pretty sensitive skin so this works a lot better than just regular body soap!

Facial Vitamins; After my shower I spray my First Aid Beauty Vitamin Mist on my skin to add back the moisture and give some TLC to my face!

 Moisturiser; I then apply my First Aid Beauty Moisturiser to my face and neck in preparation for makeup. 

Night Routine

Makeup Eraser; after brushing my teeth and getting my pj's on I like to remove my makeup using my Makeup Eraser.

Lip Scrub; with the winter months still upon us I like to scrub my lips everynight before bed. I use this lip scrub that was in a beauty bag. It does the trick and has a pleasant scent.

Facial Pads; I like to wipe down my face and neck with these First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads every night. I see a great improvement in my skin after using these and I love the results on my acne spots and scars. 

Lip & Eye Creams; I like to apply some eye cream, lip treatment & skin firming mask to my face and neck. I feel like this is a bonus step that I don't really feel is necessary but it will help prevent fine lines and wrinkles in my future.

Overnight Mask; finally the last step to my routine is apply my overnight treatment (which I did a whole post about!). This First Aid Beauty Overnight Mask is heaven sent and I am addicted to applying it to my skin every night! 

This seems like a lot to do for your skincare but I honestly feel that my skin looks a lot better since I have been taking care of it! It only take a few minutes before bed and it helps to relax and calm me down after a long day! 

I would love to hear about your skincare routine and the products you are loving!