Home Renovation Mood Board

If you have been following my instagram (Click here to follow) then you know that I recently got my Visa to live in the USA with my husband & step son. We bought our first home together a month ago and now that I am finally moving my stuff over I get to decorate and design the space like I've always dreamed.

I have a very minimalist style when it comes to home decorating and renovation ideas so when my husband and I decided to tackle renovations I knew it would be pretty simple as well as upgrade our home to a more modern feel. 

We just started renovating our office this past weekend and if you saw my instagram story you saw the whole process of turning a plain wall like this...

into an updated accent wall like this! (TA-DA!) 
*sorry for the awful quality (I took a screen shot from my instagram story video)

table legs: Amazon
table top: ikea

Now that we are on a home reno/decorating roll I thought I would share with you my mood board for our house! (PINTEREST INSPIRED)

All photos below I have pinned on my Home Decor board on Pinterest (I do not own any of the photos in my gallery below).

Looking forward to renovations and decorating all Summer long! What is your next reno/decor project!?


My current Home Mood Board 

HomeSense Haul

Yesterday I took a quick trip to HomeSense to see all the new goodies they had in store for spring! Click here to read yesterdays spring trends post While at the store I could not resist picking up a few new goodies to brighten up my workspace. 

Here are the items I brought home with me;

Quote clipboard

This beautiful clip board comes with twelve different quotes that you can change out monthly or whenever you want! I love the gold foiled letters and the dreamy font that they display. There are a few quotes I am not so fond of but I do not mind spending the money on something that is interchangeable verse one picture (which I saw in store and almost picked up!). I plan on putting this on the wall with some more decorative wall art.
Price $12.99

Peachy Roses

These adorable fake roses are the perfect accessory to your desk. They are small enough that they wont be taking up too much space but just the right amount of flowers to make a statement. Every girl loves getting flowers but having fake flowers will be an eternal bouquet. Price $12.99

Gold & White Printed Pencils

I walked by the stationary section (like I always do) and looked around for some new notepads. While on the hunt I spotted an adorable set of pencils in different patterns. The pack came with twelve pencils in multiple different patterns. I will definitely be using these daily! Price $5.99

Mint Green Notepad  

This gigantic gold trimmed notepad is a perfect spot to write out my daily tasks and ideas. I am a sucker for stationary and when it comes in new pastel colours I just can't help myself! Price $5.99

I hope you enjoyed the few items I hauled from HomeSense and that you felt a bit of inspiration to add a few new little items to spring up your home. 


Spring Decor Trends 2016

Spring is in the air (and if it's not then I am pretending it is)! I am so ready for the cold weather to melt away and bring the sun back out. I have never been one for winter time and the only reason I enjoy the colder months is because of the cozy indoor decor we can play with. 

I took a trip today into Home Sense and Winners  to take a look at what trends were popping up for home decor! I am in love with the pantone colour trends that are out currently. 

This post on instagram by HomeSenseCanada was what drew me in! 

I am usually only drawn to white/black/grey/gold decor but something about this quartz colour gets me. 

So off  I went to scope out what I could find in stores!

I bought a few things at Homesense which I will be posting a haul very soon! But the trends I saw today in the store were lovely!

 Lots of pastels to brighten up a space, wood and metal tones to define and contrast against the furs and flowers that can bring dimension and comfort into a space.

I am loving the look of rustic wood mixed with pastel paint and ombre drawers. I am working on a DIY of a nightstand (which I should be done soon!) and if I can master that DIY I would love to do a project incorporating drawers that ombre! 

What are you loving this spring for home decor and what is on your wishlist to buy?!