My Take On A Capsule Wardrobe - Fall 2015

So here I go, being the organization junkie that I am I fell through another black hole of the internets cleanly corners. I somehow stumbled upon the idea of a Capsule Closet, yes like a time capsule. I could go off and explain in detail the reasons as to why someone would want to live this way (living out of a capsule...) but basically all you need to know is:

  1. This wardrobe update will create a minimalistic way to look at how you style the clothing items you currently love
  2. It supposedly cuts outfit planning time in half
  3. As well as creates a palate that lets you interchange the pieces to create totally different outfits

This not only got me excited for its structure but I thought this would be perfect for me! I always spend a good 30 minutes in the shower thinking about what I want to pack when I go to spend the weekend at my boyfriends place.

After a few hours planning out how I am going to make this work I set forth to putting my 2015 Fall Capsule Wardrobe together. 

Click here to read more about capsule wardrobes

Click here to download the helpful workbook to planning your Capsule Wardrobe

I compiled my clothing and had a good hard look at what I actually wear and what I could live with only utilizing for the next 2 months.  I followed the guidelines as to what works for others and TADA! A fall wardrobe was born!

Here is what my capsule wardrobe is comprised of:

  • 4 pairs of pants: 2 pairs of black skinny jeans from American Eagle & Forever21 (slits on knees), a pair of shiny purple disco pants from American Apparel, & a pair of dark green skinny jeans from the Material Girl line sold at Hudson Bay
  • 1 skirt: I am not a huge skirt fan and rarely wear dresses in the fall and winter months but I added this to my capsule to force myself to wear things I like enough to buy but can't seem to ever let out of my closet! So here its goes; a black faux leather skirt from Forever21
  • 4 dresses;  All of these dresses are from Forever21 I recently went online to purchase a nice bundle of fall dresses. All are in darker colour families with a more modest cut in thicker fabrics to keep me warm. 
  • 8 Tops: I tried to keep it as neutral as possible when picking my tops for this wardrobe. I love a good grey scale when it comes to clothing and I wanted to make sure that i included every possible top I would want to layer with. All of the tops are from Forever21 except the navy top H&M and the black and white t-shirts American Eagle
  • 5 knit Sweaters: yes I realize this is a lot of sweaters to have in my wardrobe but I live in them! They are all crew neck style with a higher low detail except for the dark purple towards the back. From front to back: Tan sweater from H&M, Mint Forever21, Dark Green UrbanOutfitters, Purple (this one is not a pullover but actually a very sheer knit that buttons all the way up the front Urban Outfitters, Black Forever21, and lastly the furthest back sweater is an ombre from a tealy/green colour down to white Love Culture 
  • 1 Romper: You may be asking yourself why would I ever want to wear a sleeveless shorts romper during the fall in Canada. Don't worry I think the same thing... I wanted to challenge myself to wear something that I could add lots of layers to. For example; I could wear this romper with tights, a cardigan, my leather jacket and my black heels... see I am not soo crazy right? Romper from Forever21
  • 7 Pieces of Outerwear:  I love a good jacket and from the photos you can probably tell that I enjoy dark green a little bit too much! A few weeks ago I was very tempted to get a dark green vest from H&M but opted for the navy blue because I knew that was the right option to go with .... Anyways, All of my jackets and thicker cardigans are from Forever21  except for the green jacket with leather arms (Ardenes)
  • 5 Pairs of Shoes: When it came to picking shoes it was pretty simple. I am not a huge shoe person nor do I like to change up what I wear on my feet so picking shoes was the easiest decision! All of the shoes I picked were from (can you see a pattern) Forever21  except for my white converse sneakers and a pair of black suede booties from Aldo

Now accessories are not added to this list of items so you would think that would be a whole other story of organizing... but to be completely truthful I am not a huge accessory fan! I have 3 purses that I like to use (my large black bag by Kate Spade, a small black crossbody from Forever21 as well as a nude crossbody clutch from Aldo). I also only have a handful on necklaces and bracelets I wear which are all stored together in one handy bag. 

Taking a step back and reviewing my new wardrobe I am very interested as to what will happen the next time I am getting ready to go to my boyfriends place (which is tomorrow). I hope this minimizes time to pack as well as gives me enough options that I am not stuck wearing something twice. I do keep essentials at his place which will help me if I do get stuck.

I am looking forward to writing my next post on this topic and showing what I packed in my bag this round!