White Strips Experiment

I have a love/hate relationship with any type of teeth whitening product. I began using them back in high school when I got my braces off and wanted my teeth to look like a million bucks!  I had tried everything under the sun back then (white strips, trays, night time paint..) but nothing ever made me feel like it was doing an exceptional job! 

So this past weekend while away on a day trip to get bridesmaids dresses the store offered us girls a goodie bag which contained one free CREST White Strip. I knew as soon as I could I would be putting this baby on my teeth and anticipating the magic that would occur. Although I was excited to try it I had to remember that this was only ONE white strip so I have to keep in mind that my teeth will not be 20 shades lighter & brighter than they were. The packaged said to leave them on your teeth for 1 hour but I left them on for an hour and 20 minutes because I wanted the extra whitening I could get.

After taking the white strips off I noticed a 'tiny' difference in my teeth but nothing exciting! When I went outside to get into my car for work I took a look at my teeth in direct sunlight and call me crazy but they felt a bit yellower..... I know this is definitely not the case but what made me feel this way was the uneven dots on my teeth.. I felt as if my teeth had whitened more on the edges and certain parts of my teeth than others. Now I suppose this is not really a true test of if the Crest white strips work or not because they say you will see results in 7 days usually on the packaging. So my question is.... why would they give away one white strip if you can't really notice a difference?